This quick guide explains how to create a writer profile for the public Writers Directory at Best Writing. It’s free, but we will review every profile before it’s public.

  1. Sign up with a free account

  2. Check your email for a confirmation link:



  3. Once you click the confirmation link, you will land on our home page.

  4. Now head to your “Profile” page.

  5. You will see your writer profile is now empty.

  6. Fill in your profile details.

  7. For now, it’s not possible to upload your profile image. If you don’t have a “Profile image (URL),” please send your profile photo to [email protected].

  8. Save Profile

  9. [Send me a quick email](mailto:[email protected]?subject=I%20just%20completed%20my%20Writer%20Profile& to approve your profile and make it public. It will be automatic in the future. 🤖 😉